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Sticky Brush

Sticky Brush

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Introducing our Sticky Brush with a twist - it now comes with a pet wipes attachment!

Our innovative Sticky Brush now allows you to attach a pet wipe to capture all cat hair while grooming, preventing it from flying everywhere and capturing even more hair than before.

Our Sticky Brush features comb teeth made of high-quality plastic that is perfect for depilating and massaging your pet without scratching their sensitive skin, even for those with sensitive skin.

The small serrations on the back of the comb also help you clean clothes and hair on sofas and other surfaces.

The entire body of the brush is designed with a combination of ABS and silicone, making it very durable and perfect for washing.

Not only is our Sticky Brush practical and effective, but it's also comfortable for your pet. The comb teeth are designed to massage your pet's skin, promoting healthy circulation and a shiny coat.

Say goodbye to cat hair all over your home with our Sticky Brush with a pet wipes attachment. This versatile tool is a must-have for any pet owner.

Order now and experience the convenience and effectiveness of our Sticky Brush!


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