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Leaf Shaped Dog Blanket

Leaf Shaped Dog Blanket

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Looking for a comfortable and stylish way to provide your furry friend with a cozy place to rest?

Our Leaf Shaped Dog Blanket Mat is the perfect solution.

Our blanket mat is made of high-quality, thick, and padded materials that provide extra comfort and support for your pet. The leaf-shaped design adds a touch of style to your home decor while giving your furry friend a cozy place to snuggle up.

Our Leaf Shaped Dog Blanket Mat is perfect for use on the couch, in the car, or on the floor. It is easy to clean and maintain and can be machine washed for convenience.

This blanket mat is available in various colors and sizes to suit your pet's needs and your home decor. The high-quality materials and construction make it a long-lasting addition to your pet's bedding collection.

With our Leaf Shaped Dog Blanket Mat, you can provide your furry friend with a comfortable and stylish place to rest and relax. Order now and give your pet the gift of comfort and style!


High Quality Material: The leaf shaped pet mat is made up of cotton in outlining, the lining is made up of high-quality polyester. It is soft, thick and padded enough to be comfortable to be placed anywhere at home.

Care Instructions

Easy Care: The pet blanket is really soft and convenient, you can spread it on your chair, sofa or couch to reduce the amount of dog cat hairs. You can machine washable under 30℃, please no bleach and dry flat.

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Move Nature Into The Home

Inspired by the style of various outdoor nature leaves. Move nature into the home, feel the comfort and coziness of nature.

Provide a Variaty Of Styles

We collect all kinds of leaves in nature and make them into styles, so as to feel the comfort and coziness of nature. There is also an oversized human leaf blanket.

Use It As A Cushion, Blanket, Or Mat

Is it bothersome that pets often make the bed and sofa dirty, then quickly use our leaf cushion. Perfect for pets on beds, couches, etc.

It can be used as both a cushion, a blanket and a mat, and it can protect your furniture from your pet. It can also be the perfect companion when you are taking a cozy nap at work.

Machine Washable

Easy to put in the washing machine for cleaning, as simple as washing a short sleeve, no need to zipper up, no need to carry a bulky dog bed, no need to struggle to stuff it into the washing machine.