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Anti Bark Dog Collar

Anti Bark Dog Collar

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Introducing our humane anti-bark dog collar- a gentle solution to curb excessive barking



 Educates your dog to stop barking 

Works with ultrasound and vibration 


Utilizing vibration and ultrasound, this collar offers seven levels of correction sensitivity adjustments


The collar works as soon as it is put on the dog

The collar is equipped with a microphone that detects

when your dog barks

The collar emits a slightly unpleasant sound and a painless vibration

When the dog stops barking the sound and vibration stop


Conveniently rechargeable via USB, it comes in a variety of colors to suit your pet's style

 Effectively discourage barking while ensuring your 

furry friend's well-being


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The #1 Pet-Friendly Solution To Dog Barking

Developed by pet specialists, our groundbreaking Anti-Bark Collar represents an innovative training tool for dogs.

Employing advanced sound wave technology, it effectively curbs undesirable barking behavior without causing harm or instilling fear in your beloved canine companion.

100% Painless, Safe, And Effective

This collar distinguishes itself not just for its user-friendly design and comfortable fit, but notably for its utilization of sound wave technology.

The emitted sound waves, triggered solely by your dog's barking, are imperceptible to humans yet remarkably effective in halting the barking behavior.

Enhanced by integrated voice recognition, the collar ensures precision in responding only when your dog barks.

This is why you will love our Anti Bark Dog Collar®

Sound wave technology is harmless and safe

Developed together with qualified animal experts

Voice recognition function only triggers when the dog barks

Easy to use and comfortable to wear

Pet-friendly premium material